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We stand by our service 100%. If we don’t have your goods
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clearance, you don’t pay! That’s our promise…
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We ‘GET IT’. Fast clearance and proper forwarding is essential to your business. That’s why we focus on total compliance and efficiency so you enjoy complete peace of mind and solid importing success.

Whether you’re sending from Australia or receiving abroad, importing regularly or for the first-time, through sea freight, air freight, or parcel post, we take care of all customs clearance requirements and regulations…

Our team can provide services that are unmatched in the industry, including;

  • 7 DAYS A WEEK.

If your import documents are not properly completed, your shipment will NOT be accepted by the receiving customs office and/or other relevant authorities.

This can lead to the following issues;

  • Goods not reaching you safely
  • Hefty Customs penalties
  • Expensive storage charges
  • Total loss of goods if your items are time-limited

Let us show you how to best clear your goods that’s fully compliant with customs so you avoid paying unnecessary expenses and KEEP YOUR COSTS DOWN!

Almost 20 yearsWe know the game, and make sure you’re not left in the dark about your shipment. We’ll help you monitor your shipment so you’ll know what’s happening with your goods every step of the way – from source location to import destination.

With us, we make sure all your consignments are ‘hassle-free’ so you’ll experience…

  • No paperwork fuss!
  • No customs complications or hold ups!
  • No unreasonable or unexpected hidden fees to pay!

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