Corporate Customs

Are you a Customs Broker who is in need of a holiday but the jobs just keep coming at you….

My name is Chris McKirdy and I am a licensed customs broker accredited with Australian Quarantine.  My company is a Licensed Corporate Customs Broker firm and I am a nominee for my own company so you know who you will be trusting your work to when you engage my services.

I have exposure to many varied imported goods so my knowledge is broad.  I understand the sensitivity of client and company confidentiality and I will be very happy to sign any agreement you propose that will maintain and ensure the privacy of the arrangement and also the confidentiality of your clients.

Maybe you run a small organization and you have only one customs broker – maybe you are the customs broker!  Do you feel stuck because you know the work won’t get done if you take a few hours off, maybe you need a day off, or perhaps you want to have extended holidays away from work so you can relax.  Who will lodge your entries while you are away?

Perhaps your company is looking to expand but the thought of hiring another customs broker paying wages, superannuation, car allowance, mobile phone etc is making you procrastinate on the decision or maybe you just can’t find a suitable part time customs broker.  How about going after the BIG CLIENT you always wanted to get on board, would hiring another customs broker consume most of the forecasted profits?

Have you employed new staff or has your compiler just become licensed?  Do you have the staff recourses to train and mentor staff in their new roles?  What happens if your customs broker calls in sick?

CPD points –  does your broker have time during business hours to attend the forums, meetings and online training to maintain their points, do you need a backup broker for a few hours, or a day?

How often does your customs broker get out from behind the desk to visit clients?  What about TA’s TCO’s and FTA’s, TRADEX, how long since your broker spent some quality time with clients reassuring the working relationship, perhaps securing some additional work such as exports, other trade lanes, or maybe just lunch!

Is your customs broker “well worn” and ready to reduce hours but continues to sacrifice him/herself for the clients.  Do you fear losing clients if your broker reduces office hours?  What about late docs and airfreight arriving over the weekend…..

There could be circumstances that may not be allowing your company and staff to perform at optimum capacity.  Maybe you are already outsourcing your customs clearance work but not comfortable with the arrangement.

I have experienced more than one of the above scenarios and I understand and empathise with you on the frustration, difficulty and fear any one of these circumstances can create.

LET ME HELP YOU.  This is my desire.  My philosophy. My purpose.

If I can help you for just a few hours, one day, one week or one month and it leaves you feeling refreshed, more organized and confident this will give me great pleasure.  Call me or email me, after business hours is fine.  I do respect your privacy and confidentiality so let’s talk about how I can help you now.

The benefits of using my services include:

    • No need to employ me
    • No superannuation payments
    • No taxation payments
    • No sick pay
    • No holiday pay or loading
    • No additional outlay on uniforms or workstations
    • No need to pay for additional computers or users
    • No need to pay for license fees
    • I offer flexible hours ( I can work after hours or weekends for air freight lodgements or late documents received ) saving on storage costs and premium delivery rates
    • No minimum days of work or job numbers  – pay for only the service you use
    • I can set up quickly in the event of sudden changes to your workplace
    • I am AQIS accredited and CPD compliant
    • I can sign confidentiality agreement, your privacy is secure ( no fear of losing clients based on staff member relationship )
    • I can assist you by representing your company in south Australia, reducing travel costs and time for your company ( appointment and negotiation essential )
    • I can use my own software – or I can remotely log into your software program
    • Benefits of using my software – I keep the records safely on my database
    • Benefits of using clients own software – the client records and parts are already captured and easy access to all data at all times
    • Our fees is cost per job  – or we can negotiate weekly/monthly fees for ongoing work arrangements
    • Benefits of cost per job – you only pay for the service provided and eliminates paying wages when revenues are down

Call me NOW on 0428 782 557.

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