Discover Step By Step What You Need to Do To Get Your Goods Cleared with Customs, First Time, Every Time!

A Complete Easy-To-Follow Course
Unveiling the mystery of customs clearance

For the 1st time… a comprehensive and inexpensive course never offered before…  A ‘step by step’ 13 topic course that covers everything that you need to know about clearing your goods through Australian Customs for just $69 AUD.

  1. A hand holding approach that guides you through the detailed steps of clearing your imported goods through Australian Customs
  2. Provide you with template examples of “What To Do” and “What Not To Do”
  3. Reduce the risk of having your goods held up in Customs, awaiting clearance
  4. Give you inside insight, understanding and confidence of what it takes to get your goods cleared through Australian Customs first time, everytime.
  5. Provides you with my guided expertise as a Licensed Customs Broker
  6. Position you as an authorityin relevant and specific aspects of Customs clearance

The role of the customs broker, importer and supplier


Relevant processes for easy, efficient clearance of your imported goods


Industry proven ways to save you money every time


How to improve your profits, by decreasing the cost of landed goods


Industry standard imported goods restrictions and


Time frames based on my wealth of professional experience and knowledge

  • A Student studying in the international freight industry
  • A Student studying to be a customs broker
  • A Freight industry sales professional
  • A Small, medium or large business owner who import goods
  • An employee in an international supply chain company
  • An  import / export business owner
  • An Overseas supplier who does business with Australian buyers
  • A  Customs brokers outside of Australia
  • A Warehouse and logistics operator OR
  • Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this AMAZING and very specialized niche in the international import industry

If you want to know the practical steps that provides for efficient clearance every time then this course is for you!

Would you like to…

  • Be armed with the knowledge and resources to deliver specific information to your customers based on their needs?
  • Be aware of what goods are restricted in Importing, so you can plan how to avoid delays, lower risks to your goods and save time and money
  • Be more confident talking with your customs broker, freight agent, supplier and your buyers
  • Provide excellent, on time, contemporary Importing advice to your customers AND most importantly…
  • Have your toolbox of resources and knowledge for efficient customs clearance of goods all in one place?
I am so confident of the valuable benefits you will receive in 100% satisfaction guranteethis course that I have a double Guarantee that you will…
  • Learn at least one process ( probably several ) that you are not currently aware of AND
  • You will be aware of some really critical steps that will save time and money clearing your goods through Australian Customs
If you want to have access to the wealth of resources that I use for my clients every day in my capacity as a Professional Licensed Customs Broker, then get your copy of ‘Unveiling the Mystery of Customs Clearance’ now and start offering your clients professional knowledge and information onclearing goods into Australia.

P.S. At $69.00 AUD this is a bargain, and guess what? You can even use it as a tax deduction and yournewly gained knowledge as an impressive marking tool!

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