How I Used a Customs Clearance Broker for Moving My Belongings to Australia

youwinPeople who are interested in and needing to move their belongings to Australia can take the short story I am about to tell as an example of what it is truly like. There are no legal requirements for you to clear your goods when you are moving them to Australia. However, this procedure is recommended if you want everything to go smooth with the shipment and all the involved operations. For moving my belongings to Australia, I have used the help of a customs clearance broker. I did it because of the benefits which were less hassle, less time and therefore less cost to me. It was a winner all round from where I was sitting.

From my experience, I have learned that the goods can be imported into Australia free of Goods Service Tax and Customs Duty. But, it is possible only with these two conditions: the owner is able to legally move (permanently or temporary) to Australia and the goods must have been be owned and used for at least one year before the departure. I used a customs clearance broker because I knew I would be able to save money and time. Such a broker in Australia is licensed by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, which gave me peace of mind.

The broker helped me to identify if any duties and taxes were payable for my goods and helped me with the right process and procedure. Once all of these were finished, a complete dispatch was made for my goods. See here’s the real thing…big importers themselves rely on the work of customs clearance brokers, such as Chris McKirdy for clearing goods through customs because she can leverage her expertise and all that she knows.

Many people rely on the services of a customs clearance broker for helping them to have clearance at the border, just like I did when I was moving my belongings to Australia. I moved only temporary and I had to declare the length of the stay. You will also need a copy of your photo page from your passport . If there are goods that you want transported but they don’t belong to you, you will have to declare these as well. There’s a lot to it, and it could cost you time and money, so give it to a professional such as Chris so that you win when it comes to clearing your personal belongings through customs!!

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