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My desire to help people is extremely important, I treat all my customers like a friend and this gives me so much pleasure.   I care about you and your goods and want to help you understand the process and my role as your customs broker.   Expect nothing less than excellent service from me and my team.  Call me 0428 782 557 I have worked in the freight and Customs industry for approximately 15 years.  After mastering the processes of moving freight from overseas to Australia I completed my studies on Australia Customs Broker course, successfully passing the  National Examination and gaining my Customs Brokers License in 2006.

The training is very extensive and on going for this highly specialised field of work and I am one of only about 1400 Licensed Customs Brokers in Australia.  For 4 years I held a position on Board of Directors, President, South Australia Customs Brokers and Forwarder Council,  I am passionate with my career, my responsibilities and your satisfaction. Email or Call now 0428 782 557

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“UNVEILING THE MYSTERY OF CUSTOMS CLEARANCE" Written by a Licenced Customs Broker this course helps you to understand the steps of clearing goods with customs

How to Import Into Australia

Customs Clearance Service

SAC Import Clearance is a Corporate customs broker firm and we can usually have your imported goods customs clearance finalized within 24 hours ready for you to collect or to be delivered when your goods arrive.  Our team can help you 7 days.

Goods with a value less $1000 you will need a SAC entry – self assessed clearance.  Generally no import duty or gst is payable.  Goods with a value more $1000 you will need a FID entry – formal import declaration.  Generally import duty and gst are payable.

We specialize in customs clearance as Licensed Customs Brokers and can submit your customs declaration quickly, professionally and accurately right now.

If you require additional services such as delivery, unpacking or storage of your imported goods we can arrange this for you also. It will be our pleasure to act as your customs broker and help you as our friend.  Click on the contacts tab or get started hyperlink, send us an email and we will respond quickly to your enquiry.


How To Import To Australia

SOON we will publish our How to Import Into Australia home study course that explains to you in simple words how the customs clearance process works.   This home study guide will explain how you can minimize your import costs.

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If you have a question and not sure about what to do next, you can send us an email and we’ll get an answer back to you within 24 hours.

Import Tax To Australia

Import Tax Into Australia

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 10% tax payable on the value of: the goods, plus any duty, plus freight and insurance. There is also a Customs Duty which is a levy on the value of the goods. This Duty is determined by Customs, and the majority of goods will level off at a duty rate of 5%. If the value of your goods is more than $1,000.00, you will need to submit a Formal Import Declaration (FID) with Australian Customs and Border Protection. Unless your goods are exempt, Customs Duty and GST is due on all goods valued over $1,000.00. I can help you determine which goods are exempt. If the value of your goods is less than $1,000.00, you can have your goods cleared with a SAC (Self Assessed Clearance) entry. I can help you lodge a SAC entry with Customs to get your goods cleared quickly. Generally no import duty or GST is due on a SAC entry or personal effects, but some goods may require permits or need to be inspected by Australian Quarantine And Inspection Services (AQIS). If you need help to determine if your goods are SAC qualified, please call us at 0428 782 557.

Customs Clearance

The process of clearing your goods with Customs involves communicating specific information electronically using a special web-based program. This includes having a digital certificate registered with Customs Communications System, complying with the Customs Act as well as Customs Regulations including Prohibited Import Regulations. As a Licensed Customs Broker, this specialized field of work is what we do every day. Could you do this yourself? Yes, but you can also change the oil in your car, but do you want to? Knowing the correct path can save time and money in importing your products into Australia. We can submit your declaration professionally and accurately for you to ensure quick customs clearance at a minimal cost. Simply fill out the authorization form!

Customs Clearance Advice

Importing To Australia Advice

Importing Products Into Australia

As a Licensed Customs Broker, we can usually have your goods cleared within 24 hours, ready for you to collect or be delivered to your door. Our company, SAC (Self Assessed Clearance) Import Clearance, can help you save you money by selecting the most appropriate tariff rate for your goods. In other words, we can help you get the lowest possible Customs Duty and GST rates for your goods. We also have a business alliance with one of Australia’s largest and competitive sea freight companies. This allows us to book your freight direct with a shipping agent anywhere in the world to Australia at a great rate with excellent service. Also, if you need delivery, storage, or unpacking of your goods, we can get this done for you as well and at a more attractive price than the larger firms. Any assistance you need regarding Customs Clearance, Logistics, and Freight Forwarding, we will do my very best to help you. And if we can’t do it, we can recommend top notch companies who can.

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Import Costs To Australia

Many times once a person pays the supplier for their goods, they don’t realize they have to pay local port fees once these goods arrive in Australia. We will chase up the local shipping agents for you so that the process can be expedited at the least cost. Delays in clearing your goods can result in additional storage fees. We work evenings and weekends to help clear late shipments ASAP to ensure the quickest turnaround time and avoiding or reducing storage fees. Not having the required permits or licenses on certain goods, or not knowing which goods will attract Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) can add time to the process and cause delays. This can result in additional storage coats as well. We can provide you with exact details, including all upfront costs involved in the process of importing your goods into Australia. Call me at 0428 782 557 Many people don’t realise they can import goods GST free, or reduce their overall costs by using certain documentation to their advantage. We can provide examples of documents and processes that can save you money on customs clearance of your goods.